What Is PTP?

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What is the Practice Transformation Program (PTP)?

Primary Care Transformation is one of four priority initiatives in the GP PCN 2020-2023 Business Plan. The PTP is one of four elements included in this initiative - the other three are the PCN's Transformation Team, Physician Learning and Engagement Events, and the Primary Care Transformation Advisory Committee.

Through the PTP, the PCN provides practice-specific support for transformation engagement and activity which advances the Patient's Medical Home (PMH) implementation. Three streams of support are included in the PTP:

1. Foundations - Provides a supervision stipend for physicians to fully participate in and oversee activity related to foundation elements of the PMH and associated system level reporting.

2. Projects - Provides a supervision stipend to physicians that oversee and engage in approved improvement projects that advance one or more PMH elements.

3. Team-Based Care Integration - Allows physicians to complement their clinical team with a co-located PCN-employed allied health professional. The PCN funds staffing costs and provides a payment to cover the administrative and overhead costs associated with co-location (i.e. office space, EMR access, utilities).

Learn more about the program by reviewing the Program Summary and  Implementation Manual.

Information Management Agreement

Your participation in the PTP will involve sharing information with the PCN. To meet your obligations under the Alberta Health Information Act, this requires that you have an Information Management Agreement (IMA) with the PCN. If you do not yet have an IMA with the PCN a template is available HERE. The completed template should be kept on file with your clinic’s other privacy documents and a copy of the signature page (page 6) sent to the PCN by fax or using ptp@grandeprairiepcn.com.