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The Primary Care Transformation advisory committee has pre-approved the eligibility of some projects. Click HERE to view the current list. Please note: The pre-approved project list is subject to change. Please contact your Transformation Team if you have any questions or concerns. 

Projects on this pre-approved list can proceed to planning without formal approval. Please note: a project proposal submission is still required for projects from the pre-approved project list. Your proposal submission will alert a Practice Facilitator to contact you to schedule a time to develop the Project Plan. 

Do you have another project in mind that is not listed on the pre-approved list?

You can submit a project proposal for other projects, please note:

  • The project should help advance one or more PMH elements.
  • Other project proposals must be reviewed and approved by the PCT advisory committee prior to proceeding to the project planning stage. 
  • Your Practice Facilitator may contact you for more details on the proposed project.